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The Antarctic with HaiYou

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It has now been 4 years that Lynn and Chris are sailing around the world with their Exploration 45. Formerly owners of an aluminium centerboard, in 2014 they decided to change for “a boat designed for the high latitude, with a solent rig for upwind work, hard dodger and pilot house”. In their quest of the perfect boat, they find out to be “very impressed” by their visit to the Garcia Yachts shipyard and their experience on board the Garcia Exploration 45. “The boat met all the requirement we had, the yard could accommodate all our demand.” The number 5 hull of a long serie, HaiYou, has been sailing since 2015 from France to Norway, afterwards to warmer latitudes Canarias, Brazil. And heading south to Uruguay, Argentina …until Patagonia via the Falkland Islands and Ushuaia.  Heading south again in October 2018, they “push off from Valdivia,  reaching Terra del Fuego’s Puerto Williams by mid-December, and then onward to Antarctica.”  Today we are glad to share with you their last adventure in the Antarctic.   Extract from HaiYouSailing blog: Of Ice and Rock February 28, 2019 “97% of the Antarctic continent is made of ice… the rest is rock. The Antarctic Peninsula extends northward for about a 800 miles, but the sailable area is the top 300 miles. Further south ice become more impenetrable for a small boat, protected anchorages are rarer, and the wildlife disappears. We arrived in the continent through the South Shetland, anchoring first at [...]

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