Garcia Yachts presents the Explocat 52, the ultimate aluminium exploration catamaran, whose first unit was launched in July 2020.

Destined to sail off the beaten track, the Explocat 52 considerably broadens the field of possibilities in catamaran sailing: she offers a new way to explore the world, previously reserved for monohulls.

The Garcia Explocat 52 extends the Garcia Exploration range, designed in collaboration with Jimmy Cornell, and which includes the Garcia Exploration 45 (launched in 2014), the Garcia Exploration 52 (launched in 2016) and the future Garcia Exploration 60 (launched at the end of 2021).

Safe, comfortable and high-performance, the Explocat 52 offers all the advantages of a catamaran on board a limitless exploration yacht, designed to sail with a reduced crew among growlers as well as in lagoons.

While the shipyard of the number 2 is advancing rapidly, the first unit of this series will be exhibited at the Grand Pavois La Rochelle 2020: we are waiting for you there!

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