Long time cruising, a voyage of many highlights, by Pete Goss

Why this chronicle?

Throughout my ocean racing career I always felt the urge to slow down and explore. It was something that I could perhaps return to once I had hung up my racing boots. It was always a bit of a dream for Tracey my wife wasn’t really into sailing. As it turned out the original plan was for me to single hand the oceans and for Tracey to join me at the destinations to explore. On a training trip to Southern Brittany in our original 34ft yacht Tracey fell in love with live aboard cruising. We subsequently upped our game, bought ‘Pearl of Penzance’ a Garcia Exploration 45 and set off for what turned out to be a wonderfully life affirming adventure of two and half years. Through the articles that follow we would like to share our journey and the lessons that we learnt in the hope that it will help anyone who is contemplating their own voyage of discovery.

Pete Goss

Deciding to go for long term cruising as a couple, having the right boat for it, and a rainbow as an extra!


2_What makes a boat an exploration one?

Centerboard or lifting keel, two rudders or one?
A deep analysis of the practicalities for liveaboard cruising. 


3_Can we define what adventure is?

NASA, Vendée Globe, North Pole… Pete Goss is one of the best qualified figures to try answer this question.


4_Extreme latitudes & remote areas

In this account of his expedition to the North Pole in 2006, Pete Goss gives valuable advice that is also valid for sailing.


5_A strong link between land and sea

How far simple toys such as a paddle skiff or a pair of flippers help better feel the deep link between sea and land.