With the aluminum metal work completed by the teams of the Garcia Yachts site in Condé-en-Normandie, the Garcia Exploration 60, the first of its series, is being transported to the Garcia Yachts assembly site in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. With an overall length of 19.5m and a weight of 19 tonnes as seen in these images, this unit requires a great deal of attention during the craning and installation phases, in order to ensure its transport by exceptional convoy in better conditions.

The quintessential aluminium cruising and expedition yacht in the 60-foot class, the Garcia Exploration 60 still requires several thousand hours of work (including the installation of thermal insulation, various systems, rigging and furnishings) before her launch in early 2022. The high quality of the Garcia Exploration range of sailing yachts, of which this model is the future flagship, comes at this price.