A boat that pushes the boundaries of adventure

To sail freely and with confidence

The children have grown up and flown the nest, and so far, there are no grandchildren on the horizon, so it was time for my wife and I to explore the world.

To accompany us in this adventure, we chose to trust Garcia Yachts and sail aboard their superb boat, the Exploration 45. Co-designed by the great Jimmy Cornell, it is the result of his many experiences and of those of his colleagues from whom he sought advice. We named her the “Pearl of Penzance”, and for us, the Exploration 45 is “Land Rover of the seas with a BMW interior”. On her we can sail everywhere: there is no place that she cannot take us. The comfort and the security that this boat provides us can withstand any test. This combined with the quality of construction that Garcia Yachts is famous for, this ocean cruising sailboat is a unique platform in the yachting industry.

We gave ourselves 5 years to live the adventure of our dreams. 5 years to go wherever we liked, with destinations in mind but no pre-organised trip, to give free rein to our desires and keep this freedom so dear to us, lovers of blue water cruising. We went to see with our own eyes the jewels of the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands but also the rough diamonds which abound the more distant countries like Alaska.

That’s also why we set our sights on the Exploration 45, a protective boat that would take us from the warmest to the coldest latitudes with the natural ease that comes with her small size.

My wife Tracey didn’t want to be living in a “cave” that would cut us off from the world and where we couldn’t fully enjoy the beautiful bay where we would drop anchor. So the deck saloon Garcia has met all our requirements, and even better, it has exceeded them. The panoramic view has allowed us to observe magical landscapes but also to pilot her in shelter in bad weather. The safety and redundancy of certain functions figured high on the list of our concerns and the Exploration 45 gave us confidence thanks to her aluminium structure, her centreboard, watertight bulkheads and twin rudders.

Note to expedition enthusiasts: you will not be disappointed by this boat.”

Pete Goss.